Wedding guide: Videographers review

And finally... part 3 (and also the final part) of our photography & videography series! If you missed the earlier guides, get started by understanding how you should evaluate PGs & VGs in part 1 and head over to part 2 for our photographer review. 

As mentioned in our earlier parts, there were much fewer videgraphers within our budget range (SGD 2-3,000) which met our criteria. We will only be featuring the 2 videographers we met.

VG #1 Forte Visuals 

I came across Forte Visuals through the Facebook Budget Brides group. They were running a promotion and the rates were very very reasonable. It was a photography + videography package, but we were more interested in their videography only package cause their photography style is not quite what we are looking for.

We met up with Junior, the founder of Forte Visuals. He's quite young chap (or he appears youthful), but he's very earnest and sincere. For most of his videography works, his clients have opted for an engagement shoot/interview, which helps to weave in the story of the couple very nicely.

We were able to see marked improvement in Junior's works over the years. When he brought us through his earlier works, he would self critique and explain to us how a certain style may be out of date and how he has adjusted accordingly.

Forte Visuals provides very good value especially if you are going for the videography and photography package (SGD 2,000+). The videography alone is about (SGD1,000+)

VG #2 Momentold

I came to know of them through a friend's recommendation. Momentold has also documented / going to document the weddings of a couple of friends. Momentold comprises of a couple team Melvin and Yun Yun, who are really easy to work with. They are prompt in responding and able to give ideas. In fact, Melvin was the one that gave me the idea to do my solemnisation in the court yard of my venue, which I didn't know was a viable option.

Their style of filming and editing is based on a narrative. Instead of bringing audience through the events in a chronological order, they seed in snippets to sync with conversations (e.g. speeches) so that scenes do not seem out of place. It also helps that they are a couple team, they are able to cover more angles.

Wedding Highlights - Darryl & Olivia from Momentold on Vimeo.

It's much easier for the videos to speak for themselves. As you can see they have finesse in their craft.

So... who did I go with in the end?

I will share more on the PG and VG I selected in this post, and the reasons why I went with them. It was a difficult decision as all the PGs and VGs we met were really good. Ultimately, it is about finding one who fits your preferred style and budget.

PG - Arture Photography 

Arture Photography

(Credits: Arture Photography)

Had a hard time deciding which photo to share here as all their photos are gorgeous. So here's a screenshot of their Instagram feed!

Any brides-to-be here who also went with Arture? To be honest, my fiancé and I really fell in love with their pictures when Shin went through his portfolio with us. We really liked how the colours were corrected. The photos were bright and natural, exactly the way we would like ours. We can't deal with heavily edited photos.

We went through their portfolio on Facebook, Instagram and Bridestory multiple times to reassure ourselves before we bit the bullet. It helps that they have a very reasonable pricing, which made the decision easier for us.

I would say that Kai Picture is a close second. I still follow them on Instagram so when I see their photos on my feed, I can't help but thinking of the "what ifs". But no regrets on my choice, I am really looking forward to working with Arture!

VG - Momentold 


A still from one of their videos (Credits: Momentold)

It was quite a obvious choice for us, though they are a bit more expensive in absolute $ than Forte Visuals. But when you consider the value, I would say that Momentold is a lot more worth it. Not just because of the quality of their filming, but also because you get 2 VGs.

Momentold also partners with alot of great vendors such as Juxtaposepix (which was also one of my shortlisted PG) and also Wedding Crafters (my selected bridal studio). I benefited from their partnership and saved $100 (well, every cent counts).

I think what's really important is also how easy Melvin and Yun Yun are to work with. They are very on the ball in responding to queries. And being a couple team just makes it a lot more relatable.

For my PWS, I did a casual photoshoot with Sam from Androidinboots and a slightly more formal PWS with Justrealle Photography. You can read more about my experience in the Part 1 of my Wedding Review.

And with this, I will conclude my PG & VG wedding guide. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions regarding my experience with the PGs & VGs featured. 

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